5 Things to Name Your Cat So People Know You Read http://reductress.com/post/5-things-to-name-your-cat-so-peopl...
"3. Mr. Darcy You’re so into Jane Austen, you might as well be living the life of a spinster in the 1800s. Not only did you understand every single nuanced word of Pride and Prejudice, you also figured out that no real man is able to compete with Mr. Darcy. But that’s where your aptly named American Shorthair comes in! You read this book, which makes you better than other cat owners." ‎· JustDuckie
*shuffles so as to block the view of Wooster and Macduff* ‎· Soup
Glances over at Sophie Hatter. ‎· k8s
Almost all of my cats when I was growing up were named after characters from books. My crowning achievement: Dutiful Penitence. ‎· Hookuh Tinypants
I'm hoping that one day I will have a cat worthy of the name Throgmorton, after the cat in The Lives Of Christopher Chant. It is a marvelous name, but it will take a pretty fierce cat to own that one. ‎· k8s
Okay, I'm sorry, but Dutiful Penitence wins. ‎· Soup