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FUNNY WOMEN #137: Press Release for Zeitgeisty Book http://therumpus.net/2016/04/funny-women-137-press-release-fo...
"From the #1 bestselling author of the #1 bestselling BDSM series Bind2Bound I-V comes the #1 bestselling sensational literary debut novel that takes readers on a mythical, translucent journey into the depths of domesticity and beyond. Cultures come together then clash, personalities flourish then flounder, and at the heart of it all, one woman finds another woman who has found the man who holds the key to a centuries-old secret, a secret so profound and brimming with proclivity, that it just may shatter the tenuous façade of this tranquil domicile set in the near-ish-future metropolis of Calgary, Alberta, Canada." ‎· JustDuckie
"In an international race against time—through London! Morocco! all the Chinatowns! Iceland!—in order to piece together the prophesy that unlocked the beauty of disaster during challenging political climates, this sweeping tome belongs on every single person’s Goodreads list for TheGreatestLiteraryFictionOfAllTimeButReally. With ravishing prose and also devastating prose, this truly wholly original but eerily familiar work is sure to stun and surprise, enrapture and disturb you, until you ultimately surrender to its lyric melancholy and seminal societal relevance and importance. Blending fact with fiction, farce and fallacy, passion and confusion, this stellar literary debut has an ending you’ll text home about." ‎· JustDuckie
I ... would probably read that book. ‎· Jennifer D.
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