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Want to Diversify Publishing? Unionize. http://www.thenation.com/article/another-kind-of-publishing/
" While The New Press has frequently been singled out as a success story in terms of diverse hiring—editorial director Marc Favreau recently told Publishers Weekly that historically people of color have made up “anywhere from one-third to half” of the staff—Samita Sinha, another former editorial assistant, says that at the time of the union drive, the diversity in the office “lay primarily at the lower levels.” That is, although junior staffers were mostly women of color, management was still all white. To address this imbalance, The New Press’s first union contract included an affirmative-action clause, among general protections for employees such as overtime pay, annual salary increases, parental leave, and requiring just cause for terminations. The clause, which survives to this day, stipulates that management “make strong and sustained efforts in recruitment, hiring and promotion, in-house training, and mentoring to foster career development” of non-white applicants and employees. " ‎· JustDuckie
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