Arrrrrrr — professor explores whether pirates really said that
"In a preview with CBC Cape Breton's Information Morning, he revealed that while "arrrrrrr" is standard among pirates of popular culture, it wasn't so much in reality. However, because this adventurous breed of men came from all over the world, spoke many languages with different dialects heavily salted with technical seafaring terms, it was difficult for non-pirates to decipher what they were saying, Parnaby said. "How they communicated was largely unintelligible. So if you were on the outside looking in, it sounded a lot like 'arrrrrrr.'"" ‎· JustDuckie
"What about the pirate accent? "That's one part that does ring true," said Parnaby, noting that a lot of pirates came from the West Country of England, including Penzance, Cornwall and Bristol. "Imagine Hagrid from Harry Potter. That's a West Country accent, very piraty sounding," he said." ‎· JustDuckie
Pirates of Penzance? ‎· bentley
I did not know Penzance was a real place, and now I do. #TIL ‎· JustDuckie