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How a Ballet School in the Slums of Brazil Is Changing Girls' Lives http://www.marieclaire.com/culture/news/a20112/ballet-school-in-the-slums-of-brazil/


""Classical ballet is one of the art forms that most transforms a person," says Nascimento, who is studying physical education at Celso Lisboa college. "Once you are here, you have rules, you have discipline, you have challenges—all are things that you are going to find in your life. I will not have 49 ballerinas. If I have one, marvelous! But let's have 49 girls who have an educated mind and are looking for a better future, where they know they have options. The majority think: I'm going to get a job near my home, then I'll be a mother. They don't leave the walls of the community. I want to show them that the world is large and that there's a chance for everybody.""

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