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"It makes me happy to imagine the Liberty Bell is full of gold and puzzles. It makes me feel like getting a sticker in the library’s summer reading program, or like how a moderately intelligent dog feels after it completes an agility course: happy and fulfilled. National Treasure 2 made almost four times its budget at the box office. Where is the sequel. Someone should be working on this. There should be at least as many National Treasure movies as there are Fast and Furious movies because I love having riddles explained to me. Once or twice a year my National Treasure google alert goes off but it’s only ever because of articles like this one where the headline is just something like “National Treasure 3 Might Still Happen But There Is No News Yet.” There’s an empty IMDB page already set up, but there’s no concrete information on it yet. I want a movie where the Knights of Columbus and the Shriners team up with D.B. Cooper to find the Mary Celeste, and I want it soon. Thank you for your time." ‎· JustDuckie
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