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The Freshest Male Tears To Straight Up Bathe In http://reductress.com/post/the-freshest-male-tears-to-straigh...
"At the end of a long day, you love to come home and unwind in a nice saltwater bath. Luckily, you can fill the tub with fresh, warm tears from the eyes of sad, disenfranchised men. From Women’s History Month to his girlfriend’s new promotion, here are by far the freshest male tears to straight up bathe in:" ‎· JustDuckie
"#NotAllMen Tears -- Obviously not all men are enemies of women, but all men who sincerely use the #NotAllMen hashtag are, and that’s gonna make them super sad! Every time a man tweets this, you can collect fresh tears by turning his keyboard upside-down directly over your bathtub. Fill your tub to the brim and submerge your entire body into their deep fears of losing their privilege. Feel the warming sensation of sloshing around in male sadness give you strength." ‎· JustDuckie
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