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Social Media Intern Wanted at The Night’s Watch. http://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/social-media-intern-wanted...
"The Night’s Watch is looking for a talented and highly motivated Social Media Intern to join our award-winning team at Castle Black. The ideal candidate will have a background in writing or marketing with a passion for serving the realm of men until the day they die. This position offers real world experience you can’t get anywhere else, from standing atop a very high wall made of ice, to fighting off crazy zombies that are also made of ice. The Summer Intern will be an integral part of our team, working closely with Rangers, Stewards, and even side by side with the Lord Commander. The right candidate will be a big idea thinker, meaning that they have the capacity to understand the huge idea that White Walkers are coming for us, all of us, and someone’s got to do some shit about it. If you love telling brand stories through digital mediums, can think very conceptually about social media, and love working alongside hardened criminals wearing identical black cloaks, then this might be the perfect step in beginning your career." ‎· JustDuckie
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