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Bahram Gur and his Seven Princesses, from a Khamsa of Nizami. Shiraz, Iran, 1548. http://medievalpoc.tumblr.com/post/146607092156/eastiseverywh...
"These paintings illustrate Hasht-Bihisht, the Eight Paradises, a Persian poem written by Amir Khusrow around 1302 AD: [The Persian Prince] Bahram has seven differently-coloured domed pavilions built for him within his palace grounds, in which wait seven princesses from various parts of the world. Bahram Gur visits each on a different day of the week and each of them tells him a story: Saturday – the Black Pavilion – the Indian Princess, Sunday – the Yellow Pavilion – the Princess of Nimruz [in Afghanistan], Monday – the Green Pavilion – the Slav Princess [i.e. Russia], Tuesday – the Red Pavilion – the Tatar Princess [i.e. China], Wednesday – the Violet Pavilion – the Princess of Rum [Byzantium, i.e. Turkey], Thursday – the Brown Pavilion – the Arabian Princess, Friday – the White Pavilion – the Princess of Khwarezm [in Persia] " ‎· JustDuckie
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