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Dwindling group of Jinshan fishermen keep flame alive - Taipei Times http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2016/07/05/20...

"Under the darkness of the night sky, a small group of fishermen set sail off the northeast coast, light a fire on the end of a bamboo stick using chemicals and wait for the fish to come. Like a magnet, hundreds of sardines leap out of the water toward the bright light waved by one fisherman and his colleagues angle their nets and haul in the catch. There used to be 300 boats using the traditional fire fishing method each night, but now there are only three, according to a fishermen’s association in New Taipei City’s Jinshan District (金山). The 30 or so remaining fishermen have a three-month seasonal window from May to July where they can catch sardines using fire, a practice that dates back hundreds of years, the association says." ‎· JustDuckie
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