Sleepy Hollow's Fourth Season Won't Even Be Set in Sleepy Hollow
lolwut ‎- JustDuckie
So they should just rename it Watch Ichabod Brood. ‎- k8s
Yeah, out of curiosity I might still watch it but they are fast taking away the reasons for doing so. ‎- JustDuckie
Yeah, but be honest, you'd still watch it if it was called "Watch Ichabod Brood". :P ‎- Mr. Noodle
Maybe they'll just broadcast a still photo of Ichabod brooding while the soundtrack plays. It's like a Yule log, only hotter. ‎- JustDuckie
Wait...that show is still on? Huh. ‎- Hey, it's CAJ!
"It's like a Yule log, only hotter." X__________________X ‎- Jennifer D.
;-) ‎- JustDuckie
Nope ‎- the
I'm just going to rewatch season 1 and fanfic the rest of it in my head. ‎- Hookuh Tinypants
^ this is clearly the superior solution. ‎- Spidra Webster