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The Real Reason Women Love Witches - The Establishment http://www.theestablishment.co/2016/07/20/the-awesome-and-pro...
"In some ways, 2016’s version of “witchy” might seem to refer to more of an Instagrammable aesthetic choice than anything else—wearing dark lipstick and crystal pendants, growing cute kitchen herb gardens, and arranging household altars of dried flowers and animal skulls. It’s tempting to write these things off as being merely superficial affectations, but to do so would be a grave underestimation. Beneath all that glossy packaging hums the same idea that has tantalized girls for millennia: the fact that to be a witch is to be a woman with power in a world where women are often otherwise powerless." ‎· JustDuckie
"It’s not hard to understand why witches and witchcraft continue to hold sway over women—especially young women on the cusp of adulthood who are faced with a world that refuses to take them seriously except as sexual objects. Not only has witchcraft historically offered women power that they might not otherwise be able to access, but witches offer girls and women an alternative role model to the ubiquitous young, beautiful Disney princess. A witch can be any age; a witch does not need to be conventionally attractive; a witch does not wait for a prince charming, nor does she rely on anyone but herself. " ‎· JustDuckie
I remember watching Once Upon A Time with Dominic where he asked why so many of the evil characters were older women. I said something about how it was probably because Western fairy tales came out of the Middle Ages where women's primary value was in their fertility; once they were past childbearing years, their social influence generally diminished. And apparently there was nothing more frightening at that time than a woman whom society had deemed worthless but who still refused to step aside. I think it took him a full minute to absorb that. ‎· JustDuckie
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