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Pushkin Not Pikachu: Moscow To Issue Pokemon Knockoff http://www.rferl.org/content/moscow-plans-patriotic-derivativ...
"Moscow authorities want Russians to stop searching the streets for Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and other Pokemon and instead try to catch virtual versions of Russian historical figures from the tsars to space pioneer Yury Gagarin. The city government says it’s developing a smartphone application that works like the virally popular “augmented reality” game Pokemon Go, but with a patriotic twist: it will help educate Muscovites about the history of their country and its capital. And give them some exercise." ‎· JustDuckie
"The list of personalities includes tsars Peter the Great and Ivan the Terrible; Gagarin, the first man in space; Soviet-era rock icon Viktor Tsoi; revered writer Aleksandr Pushkin; scientist Mikhail Lomonosov; and composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Crashing the Russian party is Napoleon Bonaparte." ‎· JustDuckie
Sure, why not. Might catch on. ‎· LibSkrat
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