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"One woman in the crowd held a Kumamon doll swaddled in a baby blanket. Another had dressed her doll in a grey outfit matching her own. It had taken her a month to make. A number of fans had pasted red paper circles on their cheeks to mimic his. Those in the first row had arrived at 3am to snag prime spots to greet the object of their affection. “Actually, I have no idea why I love him so much,” said Milkinikio Mew, who had flown from Hong Kong with her friends Lina Tong and Alsace Choi to attend the three-day-long festival – even though Hong Kong was holding its own birthday party for Kumamon. She had overslept, and only arrived at 6am for the 10am kick-off, so she had to settle for a seat in the back row." ‎· JustDuckie
"Humanity has always embraced household gods: not the world-creating universal deity, but minor, more personal allies to soften what can be a harsh and lonely life. Not everyone has the friends they deserve or the baby they would cherish. Often people are alone in the world. Teddy bears exist because the night is dark and long and at some point your parents have to go to bed and leave you. There is real comfort in cuteness." ‎· JustDuckie
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