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"So I made a post thingy about some of the reporting of the figures for Ghostbusters - not saying it was good or successful, literally just a commentary on how similar numbers are being reported. And some folk argued with what those numbers meant and that’s fine - there’s definitely room for nuance there (though I still see a stark difference in tone of reporting). Ooooon the flipside there’re all these dudes responding with this primal yowl that it’s a horrible movie and why won’t people admit that it’s a horrible movie and why can’t people see is bad and everyone THEY know agrees it’s bad and why do we keep saying it’s good? And I’m just like… *pats*" ‎· JustDuckie
" It’s like when a little kid comes to you crying and when you ask what’s wrong they lift their hand and there’s some green paint on it and you’re all “Okay, so we’ll wash the paint off then” but for some reason that just upsets them more and they start crying harder still and you’re all “Wait what happened?” and you know there’s some way in which this all makes sense to THEM and the green paint has this way greater significance and its removal will NOT help, and you’re pretty sure you could fathom it out if you spoke to them a bit about it but eh, their face is covered in teary snot so talking to them is bubbly and gross and they’re probably going to forget about it in ten minutes anyway, so you just take them inside and clean their hand and give them a Bond movie. I mean a lollypop." ‎· JustDuckie
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