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A Conversation with Arthur Whitney - ACM Queue - http://queue.acm.org/detail.cfm?id=1531242
When it comes to programming languages, Arthur Whitney is a man of few words. The languages he has designed, such as A, K, and Q, are known for their terse, often cryptic syntax and tendency to use single ASCII characters instead of reserved words. While these languages may mystify those used to wordier languages such as Java, their speed and efficiency has made them popular with engineers on Wall Street. ‎· Скажи это моей лошади
Очень хорошее интервью. ‎· Скажи это моей лошади
I have a very good friend, Roger Hui, who implements J. He was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Edmonton as I did. One day I asked him, "Roger, do you do math in English or Cantonese?" He smiled at me and said, "I do it in Cantonese because it's faster and it's completely regular." ‎· Скажи это моей лошади
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