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This is a follow up tutorial to the "Beginners quick start guide to making music in Puredata". This will be useful for people who want to make music using Pd and synthesised sounds. In this exercise we are going to build six synthesisers and connect them up to play a piece of music. Again we will be using nothing but Puredata so make you have it installed. Each synthesiser will use a different synthesis method. We will continue to focus on electronic "techno" music and not be fussy about our synthesis model or the accuracy and realism of the sounds we make, instead we are going to build quite open ended synths with a range of timbres to explore. For each synth we will quickly discuss its basic principle and harmonic structure and then proceed to think about its interface and how we would like to use it. Finally we will build a control structure to test the synth and make sure it's doing what we want. ‎· Скажи это моей лошади
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