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Down the hall into kitchen Mandy opened the door to the basement. The old wooden steps and the thin rail that led down to the silently waiting basement. Mandy grabbed a flashlight and down the steps she went. The generator was there, just as the realtor had said unfortunately the fuel needed to run it wasn't. Mandy swallowed and looked at the empty basement and spotted a box on a shelf a bit to the right of the generator. Carefully she lifted the box down and saw a beautifully crocheted blanket, an old diary, and a snowflake necklace with a pearl in the middle of the snowflake. Mandy put the necklace on and smiled. The house had been the beginning of a new start after her divorce. John had been cheating on her for months with the pretty blond at his job. It had taken a lot of gumption but Mandy had filed for divorce and left. Taking the blanket and the diary upstairs Mandy went and sat in front of the fireplace into her pleather couch .

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