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Духи с запахом жареного мяса! http://cbihateperfume.com/shop/perfumes-a-to-z/612/
"Several years ago, a client arrived in my studio and said, “I work for (Venerable Old French Perfume Company). My boyfriend has a senior position at (FABULOUS Venerable French Maison de Couture with many internationally classic perfumes) and he DELUGES me with their perfume. I am SURROUNDED by perfume all day every day morning till night and, although I know it is beautiful (with this I absolutely agreed), I am SICK TO DEATH of it all. I want to wear something that smells wonderful but has absolutely NOTHING to do with perfume so I came to you." ‎· lann-ael
"I suggested she smell through my collection to see what sparked interest and for the next few hours, she did just that. Eventually she arrived with her choice. It was one of the more unusual scents from my accord collection: Roast Beef. Now I never tell anyone what perfume to wear or not to wear. I guide and I suggest but the choice is ALWAYS up to the client and whatever the client ultimately chooses is as far as I’m concerned absolutely right. However in this case with the very elegant highly savvy young woman, I was hesitant to let her choice stand. " ‎· lann-ael
"“Are you absolutely certain this is the scent you want? It is very unusual to say the least,” I said. “Yes. It is marvelous. This is just what I want.” So I let her have it and she’s worn it for years." ‎· lann-ael

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