Well, the surgeon who operated on my mom and inserted a rod and pens into her broken femur actually screwed one of the pins into her hip. Now she is having a complete hip replacement tomorrow. Positive thoughts and prayers, if you are so inclined.
Will do! I hope everything goes smoothly and she has a swift recovery. ‎· Jennifer D.
I hope all goes well. ‎· John B.
crap ‎· Meg Vmeg
grrrrr..... hoping for a successful surgery and a quick recovery {{Will}} ‎· heleninstitches
Hoping for the best possible outcome! ‎· Jenny H.
Sending lots of well wishes. ‎· Kirsten
Praying here. So sorry to hear this. ‎· Bubba McTanaka
Fingers and toes crossed!! ‎· Esther