Prayers and good thoughts for my mom. She is still in intense pain from her hip replacement surgery, which happened 11 days ago. I don't think this is normal. She can barely be moved without excruciating pain. Further, some in the hospital are critical of her expressions of pain.
**hugs** Will do. ‎- Jennifer D.
*hugs* ‎- John B.
Good thoughts to your mom ‎- Galadriel
Ah geeze. Hope someone takes her pain seriously soon. ‎- Kirsten
Good thoughts to her and you ‎- ellbeecee
Hope she will recover soon! ‎- Eivind
Possibly a secondary infection following surgery? Happened to me after my second C-section and I could barely move. I really hope your mom is feeling better soon. ‎- Jenny H.
Not uncommon to have injured other areas near surgical site. Hoping she is getting proper diagnostic care to assure this isn't the cause. ‎- jltrdms-Janet
keep fighting for them to take her pain seriously! (and sorry to hear it) ‎- StephanieCogSciLibrarian