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Rengi gayet iyiymiş. Ne gerek var ki? ‎- hasan
fotograf cekimi icin olabilir. ‎- özdevi
How about using English, guys? ‎- Albina
ups. i think the post sent by a turkish user @hasan. is this colorize process for photography otherwise nipples original color is good enough. ‎- özdevi
Original color is perfect. Why pink? Allah benim ingilizcemin belasını versin. ‎- hasan
Why not? It's about the game and senses, not the coloring itself. ‎- Albina
lick the powder :) ‎- hasan
food coloring? for licking nippels ha ha lol. btw i prefer lemon or any sour fruits ‎- özdevi
Whysoserious.jpg ‎- Albina
maybe is useful for b/w photography? In order to have a darker grey on nipples ‎- tepepa uhuhuhuh ahah illusion
I can guess that it's the same as rouge in makeup - traditionally, pink exaggerates youth and sexiness (see Marie Antoinette, geishas etc.) ‎- don't call me Shurely