@squadette, не ставить галку nsfw в мокуме это норма? ‎- democracy & supermacy
@inque: this image was tagged nsfw ‎- tepepa uhuhuhuh ahah illusion
yep. Looks flagged to me. I thing he's asking if NSFW settings are not hiding pics by default ‎- ironicmokum
sorry guys, was wondering what've happened, all timeline was in nude pics @squadette, галка с "Hide images marked as NSFW" куда-то исчезла, хотя я ее не снимал! :) может быть такое из-за логаута? ‎- democracy & supermacy
@inque: that was because of domain name change. The state of this checkbox is stored in localStorage. ‎- псы в рапиде