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So last year I bought my son a new car, since we were moving to Washington and I didn't want to leave him in a 2004 Jeep with 180,000 miles on it. During the recent hailstorms in San Antonio, the car was damaged a bit. HOWEVER, here's where it gets interesting: we bought the car last year because it was hail damaged, so now there's 30 dings on the roof instead of the 25 there were last week. Moreover, the car is a Volkswagen Jetta TDI: yes, the diesel model with the fraudulent emissions that VW will supposedly be buying back from me. Should I file a claim?
Huh. I'd have a serious debate with myself over that one - I lean towards not, especially if it is likely to be bought back (and is still fully safe to operate, and won't significantly deteriorate without repairs.) That said, I'd document everything in case the insurance gets snippy later that you didn't notify them. ‎· Jennifer D.
Yeah, that. I basically filed a claim and then told them that I wasn't proceeding. Thus, they were notified and it's documented, but no bother with inspections or sort of repairs. ‎· Glen Campbell
That was the description I was struggling towards. Filed, but not proceeding. ‎· Jennifer D.
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