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As Ricky was starting to slip out of me, I noticed a slim black guy standing a few feet behind him. "Hey, Emil, how you doin', my man?" he said. "Toby?! What the fuck?!" I answered in shock. "I didn't see you here before! Wow..." "I just got here; had to work late... Glad I haven't missed you, though, man. Mind if I take this dance, Ricky?" Toby was of east African extraction, with fine features and a wiry, muscular body; we'd been close friends since elementary school, but we'd never even been naked in front of each other... I stared at his dark brown hard-on- it was longer than Ricky's by at least a couple of inches, and bigger around, too. The head was a dark pinkish-purple, flaring out wider than the rest of the shaft. It was huge. "Oh... wowww..." was all I could say, but I kept my legs up and open, excitement flooding me, my pulse beginning to pound. He walked over to me, standing between my knees, his black cock upright above my flaccid one; he reached out and started running his dark hands over my thighs, then my stomach. "Ohhh... you feel so gooood," he said, looking in my eyes. "This is all pretty new to me, too, Emil... wow, you're gorgeous... This is just my third week here... I'm so glad I didn't miss you tonight...



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