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Faience and Light, by John Check


"Johannes Vermeer (1632–1675) may nowadays be the most well-known genre painter, but in his time he was far from the only such artist or the most famous. He was instead a member of a small band renowned for producing masterpieces for discerning patrons. Gerard ter Borch and Gerrit Dou, for instance, were early figures in the history of genre painting. Waiboer credits ter Borch with introducing “many new subjects, compositions and motifs readily adopted by younger artists.” Dou, meanwhile, was celebrated for the fineness of his brushwork, a perfectionist who achieved his miraculous results by lavishing untold hours on his canvasses. He was so meticulous, according to Ole Borch, a Danish botanist and chemist who visited his studio, that a viewer could examine a work of Dou’s—the work Borch had in mind depicted a sick woman in her bedroom—and “count the threads in the bed curtain.” The visiting botanist even records this priceless fact: the artist was “in the habit” of wearing three pairs of glasses to achieve his finest effects. “This,” writes Blaise Ducos, “is a rare description of a work in the painter’s studio, and indeed of the painter’s working method.”"

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I was reading about Egyptian faience a few weeks ago

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