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» posted to Halil and history Berliners are trolling Trump by shipping him a 2.7-ton piece of the Berlin Wall "The chunk weighs as much as 5.5 grand pianos." (by Max de Haldevang, Justin Rohrlich)


I really hope this ends up in a museum, he won't appreciate the irony or its history! What a waste, they should have just donated it to an American museum directly!

 ‎· Halil 1

There's plenty of pieces of the wall in museums. Given it's horrid history, using it to essentially prank that fuckwad is a rather perfect reuse. I just wish they could ship something that big COD.

 ‎· Kirsten 7

@gohomekiki: cod?

 ‎· Halil

Collect/Cash On Delivery

 ‎· Micah 1

inb4: americans measure with anything but metric system

 ‎· Calculation of ж and ч 1

There's a piece of the wall there in DC at the entrance to SAIS (JH School of Advanced International Studies) ...I think the Smithsonian has one, too?

 ‎· Christina Pikas

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