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"The cave temples, near the town of Dambulla in central Sri Lanka, date back to the first century BCE. King Valagamba (also known as Vattagamini Abhaya) had been driven out of his capital in nearby Anuradhapura, by an invasion from southern India, and forced into hiding for fourteen years. He took refuge in the Dambulla caves. When he subsequently regained his throne, Valagamba turned the caves into temples, in gratitude for the hiding place the rock had offered him. There are five caves at Dambulla, containing some 150 statutes of the Buddha – one of them, of the Buddha reclining, is 16 metres long – as well as a handful of statues of Sri Lankan kings and of Hindu gods and goddesses. The walls of caves are adorned by magnificent frescos, most of which tell the story of the Buddha and his life. New frescos were added by later kings, including Nissanka Malla, who in the eleventh century gilded the interiors of the caves." ‎· maitani
wonderful. ‎· Haukr
i've seen them two years ago :) ‎· grizabella
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