hellooooooooooooo! i just ran my first 5K of the year (since last summer, in fact) and just signed up for 4 more! 'Tis the season!
Woo! ‎- Jennifer D.
i actually didn't intend to run today, since it had been a while, but it was SO COLD. i had to get warm! and truthfully, my running is just jogging anyway. ;) ‎- holly
Yay! I just signed up for my half-marathon in May, and the gd thing sold out in 52 minutes. 27,000 people signed up for it, in 52 minutes. Nightmare. ‎- Meg Vmeg
sometimes i entertain thoughts of doing a half, but it has yet to happen. :) also: GOOD GRIEF. that is crazytown signups. ‎- holly
Hooray! ‎- Galadriel
\(^_^)/ ‎- Jenny H.