when you are in a meeting with one of the most negative and awful people... who is complaining about how other people are so awful and negative. UGH. #sideeye
Does she also complain about how other people lack self-awareness? ‎· Catherine
TAKE A GUESS. ‎· holly
LOLsob ‎· lris
Ugh. I'm thinking that there must be a cohert of such folks that take lessons from each other. I so dread meetings with she who is most negative at mpow. ‎· Galadriel
I've flat out told my supervisors that when others get negative it leads to negativity in me. If they see me getting extra gripey or cynical, they know something's up elsewhere, too. It's not an aspect of my personality that I like, but it happens. ‎· k8s
^me, too. ‎· Christina Pikas
hahahaha. sucka. ‎· librarian