Mr. Pip in younger days.
Is Mr. Pip my favorite drooling cat?!? ‎· Kristin
this cat has been the most challenging i've ever had. when we got him, his name was Cuddler. This cat never cuddled a day in his life, really. He walked out of that carrier and was all "hey, thanks for getting me out of there, now bring me food and leave me alone." he has incrementally gotten friendlier as he got older, even purring when you pet him sometimes, but he can just barely be called a friendly cat. As his vet once said "he's just a sensitive and emotional cat." but he really can be sweet when he wanted to be. poor guy is just not doing well. :( ‎· holly
Kristin, no Billy Bob is the drooler. who doesn't really drool anymore (knock on wood) ‎· holly
I'm still sending all the kitty cat juju I can muster. ‎· Kristin
love me some difficult cats, hugs hugs ‎· Meg Vmeg
he appreciates it. as do i. :) ‎· holly
Thinking all of the good thoughts for Pip! <3 ‎· Jennifer D.
:( *hugs* and good thoughts for pip ‎· Dani (aka ashuping)