if i have cherry trim/cabinets is it overkill to have a cherry floor too? I am second-guessing my taste now. ;) #designadvice
floor i am considering: https://na.pergo.com/Products/Detail/75 ‎- holly
Nope. #TeamCherry ‎- Kristin
this will be in the kitchen/living room/dining room, for reference. ‎- holly
GMTA Kristin. ‎- holly
I don't think it would be overkill. My only concern would be whether it would bug you if the floor was a slightly different shade of cherry from the cabinets and doors. ‎- John B.
I like whatever feels right to you. But in general... design-wise, I think its good to keep things as consistent as possible unless you have a specific reason to deviate. Cherry floor, *thumbs up*.. ‎- SAM
i am definitely planning on ordering a sample first to make sure I don't have that issue, John. it's one of the worries i have, especially since i can be, ahem, particular when it comes to things like that. :D ‎- holly
It all looks warm and inviting. ‎- k8s
i just ordered way too many samples from Pergo. >.> ‎- holly
I know a difference could bother me, depending on the shades involved. :-D ‎- John B.