blergh. worst headache in recent memory this morning. I think it was maybe a sinus thing due to the change in weather? it took a combo of ibuprofen, sudafed, and rotating between heat and ice on my head, along with trying to sleep it off for a few hours to feel human again. at least now it's only a slight headache that i hope will go away soon.
also WTF with sinuses being angry about a change to NICE weather. ‎· holly
^ right? Mine do that, and I'm like, no, don't do that. I hope you're feeling all of the way better soon. ‎· Jennifer D.
Boo. Go suck it, angry sinuses. ‎· Jenny H.
I'm having vaguely angry sinuses, and I'm irrationally irritated about it. Could they either go full-on pain or just calm down please? ‎· ellbeecee
Oh man, that sucks - I had a similar sucky sinus headache/all the head pain this morning that required the sudafed + ibuprofen combo as did two of my colleagues. I can't figure out if this week's weirdness is a reflection of the weather or if the weather is a reflection of the week. ‎· Galadriel
I often long for someone to drill through my sinuses in those situations to relieve the pressure. not practical, I realize, but it's what I want ... ‎· Stephªnℹ︎eCogScℹ︎Lℹ︎brªrℹ︎ªn
The last two weeks have been sinus hell for me as well. Hope the weather straightens out or I'm going to run out of sudafed :( ‎· jsholman
I feel like I have been living on Sudafed and Excedrin for about a month, now. I described the pain to my husband as feeling like someone has rammed a spear up my right nostril, straight into my forehead, then punched me in my cheek. And this comes with the whole sinus toothache agony, too. ‎· April
the sinus toothache thing is AWFUL. i get that a lot too when my sinuses are acting up. thank god i didn't have that yesterday with that headache! I am happy to report that the headache did finally subside yesterday afternoon and didn't return. woohoo! ‎· holly