Someday, i won't get irrationally angry about people being excited about The Magicians, right?
Maybe? I mean, fucking Quentin Coldwater. <--- today isn't that day for me, either. ‎· Jennifer D.
it depends. why are you getting irrationally angry? ‎· ellbeecee
because i hated that book SO MUCH HOW CAN PEOPLE LIKE IT OMG. i am really not one of /those/ people. people can like what they want, but man. that book is my Red Kryptonite. ‎· holly
(I knew you would understand, jenn. :D) ‎· holly
Oh, good. I really did not like that book either. Not so much that I get angry when people like it, I just don't get why they liked it. ‎· ellbeecee
i rarely want to throw books when i read them, but i totally would have thrown that one across the room if it hadn't been on my Kindle. i finished it only out of spite, i think. ‎· holly
Haven't read the book, have tried the show but don't really care about any of the characters. ‎· rachelw
(the characters on the show are vastly more likeable than they are in the book. But I did enjoy the book, despite the unlikeability. The show, meh) ‎· Rudibrarian
"Finished out of spite," really does sum it up for me. I'm not sure if I would have hated it quite as much if I hadn't been listening to the audio book, because that is a long time to spend in that dude's head. Rudi, I was totally wondering whether they were as awful on the show, because I had trouble imagining how that would be watchable. ‎· Jennifer D.