ways in which brains are dumb: wore a new dress for the first time today. look in the mirror: "hey this looks good." take a picture: "ugh, this looks awful." >.>
i mean... IT'S THE EXACT SAME THING. ‎· holly
tell your brain to quit being an asshole. ‎· Dani (aka ashuping)
That's how I feel about my face. Mirror is fine; camera is WTF? ‎· Have Yourself a Merry Little LB
Um...because it isn't the exact same thing. Camera focal lengths change perspective, if only slightly. ‎· Kirsten
Camera : body :: Tape recorder : voice Just. Don't. Do. It. ‎· Kristin
I have developed a "short focus" utilitarian relationship with mirrors. I avoid mirrors, unless I HAVE to look at one, and when I do, I focus only on the part of me that is the reason why I am looking into it. No "total picture" viewing for me. The last time I looked into a mirror was probably months ago, and only because I thought I had something in my eye. ‎· April
@gohomekiki, I believe this is not only a focal length. Gestures, for example, may add a lot to your charm and a static picture fails to preserve the whole impression ‎· shalapanova