argh, it's that time of year when i am most likely to have the allergic reactions that i can never remember the name for. i always used to use Friendfeed as my reminder. :/
seriously, it's been a few years now. WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER THIS FROM YEAR TO YEAR. ‎· holly
Is it the type of reaction or the thing you're allergic to? ‎· Jennifer D.
"saved a link in delicious for oral allergy syndrome because i can never remember what it's called and usually search my FF to get the name. #preparations" <— from 2013 on FriendFeed ‎· Micah
Also, stay away from stargazer lilies I think. ‎· Micah
"Made it 2 days back at work before I had to start taking sudafed again. #sadtrombone" ‎· Micah
"irony, in the alanis sense: as soon as i don't have to take sudafed/benadryl because of the HVAC at work... my regular allergies kick in and i have to take sudafed/benadryl. smh" ‎· Micah
Internet Dad. <3 ‎· Kristin
WAIT, I SAVED IT IN DELICIOUS?!?! GOOD GRIEF. where would i be without @micah? ‎· holly
(oral allergy syndrome - the name i can never remember) ‎· holly
I often ask myself where else would I store my #OralRoberts links if not for ‎· Micah
You're welcome. :) ‎· Micah