OMG YOU GUYS. Tcho. Double. Dark. Chocolate. Gelato. so amazing. Tillamook can do no wrong.
next, i have to decide whether to try the Marionberry Cheesecake or Stumptown Cold Brew flavors first. ‎· holly
Ooooooooooooh. ‎· Jennifer D.
the Peach Cobbler is also pretty good too, i can confirm. ‎· holly
I wish Tillamook ice cream were available down here. If I've seen it, it's only been at a place like Gelson's (now defunct near me). ‎· Spidra Webster
I'm hoping the "sweet cream" flavor will be around here. That and the speculoos caramel... ‎· Jennifer D.
i saw both of those at Safeway when i got these. SO MANY TO TRY ‎· holly