oh dear. the first face i've really been tempted by. https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/34958702
She needs you! ‎· k8s
she's beautiful! Love the gray ones. ‎· LibSkrat
i might stop by Petsmart and see her today. might. ‎· holly
cutie! ‎· Meg Vmeg
@hollysue: It's so handy when they're at Petsmart. You can pick up all of the kitty accessories you need while you're there. ;) ‎· k8s
*melts* I really can't adopt (or I shouldn't) until after our floors are re-done in a couple weeks. but so sweet! SO SWEET. ‎· holly
she was just a bundle of purrs, head rubs, and licking. ‎· holly
Such a sweet kitty! Would they keep her for you until the floors are ready? ‎· Galadriel
there are actually a couple other applications in for her, and while i could probably put my name in the hat, if the other apps are good, I would rather she had a permanent home sooner. there will always be another kitty. :) ‎· holly
^ wise words :-) ‎· Galadriel
i have learned a thing or two doing this rescue business. ;) ‎· holly
I see she's now listed as adopted! ‎· k8s
yes! we had 4 kitties adopted yesterday at that Petsmart! good day! ‎· holly
I started looking at area cats, even though I am at my limit. I found this one and love whoever named her: https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/34319512 ‎· k8s
haha awesome! ‎· holly
I'm absolutely not looking at friends for velcro. Especially not Gwen over at the dekalb humane society http://dekalbanimalservices.com/adopt-a-pet/cats-for-adoption (I'm really not looking right now. Maybe in a few months, after summer travel is done). ‎· ellbeecee
oh noooooooooo, I'm in love with Basha. ‎· Meg Vmeg
He'd probably like a friend! ‎· k8s