BRB BURNING THE WORLD DOWN NOW. Beet Crust Pizza | Bakers Royale
@cpellegr don't look. ‎- holly
LOL. That's worse than the hummus! ‎- Jennifer D.
fuckery, that's what it is. ‎- holly
As much as I do like beets and as much as I love pizza, I don't think I can approve of this. It's pretty, though. ‎- k8s
Are beets the new cauliflower and we're gonna have to endure a year of people trying to sneak them into recipes? ‎- Sarah G.
i fear that it is. STOP TRYING TO MAKE BEETS HAPPEN, PEOPLE. ‎- holly
I thought it said beer crust pizza and I was all "what's the problem." Then I read more closely. Love beets. Love pizza. Not a fusion food that should happen. ‎- laura x