ACK. as we drove up to the house today at least 2 kittens scattered from the side of the yard that borders a field/drainage ditch. just as i am leaving town, of course.
we have gotten late night visits from a clearly unspayed female before, so she is a likely culprit. arrrrggggh. ‎· holly
is there a local friends of ferals group in your area? ‎· LibSkrat
i volunteer with a local rescue group, so I have resources, luckily. my goal was to start fostering after i get back from ALA, so... WELP. might have candidates. they were fairly young, probably six weeks or so. mike is gonna keep an eye out while i'm gone. ‎· holly
aaand we just looked outside and they are cavorting around the cherry tree, playing with forsythia branches, and climbing the tree! mike went out and they scattered through a hole under the fence the drainage ditch area (well, except for the one that jumped out of the tree and nearly landed on his head!), so i'm thinking that might be where mama had them. 1 gray/white tuxedo, 3 gray tabby. ‎· holly
now we think we've spotted mama, who isn't very familiar, but may have been in the yard a few days ago, if i am remembering right. ‎· holly
this was not exactly what i had planned for my first foray back into fostering. :P ‎· holly
Well, I guess sometimes the kitties come to holly instead of holly having to come to the kitties. ‎· k8s
right? ‎· holly
I propose a new collective noun for kittens: an awkward timing thereof. ‎· Galen Charlton
update: neither the mama or kittens have been seen even a bit since that day. O_o ‎· holly
i swear we didn't imagine them! ‎· holly
They knew you went to ALA and they are now glaring at you from their hiding place(s). ‎· Catherine
WELP, GUESS WHO JUST SHOWED UP AGAIN? (just 2 of the kittens, that we saw. and who we assume are mom & dad.) ‎· holly
Hopefully you'll be able to snag them this time around. ‎· Jennifer D.