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یه قابلیت جدید https://mokum.place/mokum/211443
Per-language "best of" pages arrived: English: https://mokum.place/filter/best_of/en, Russian: https://mokum.place/filter/best_of/ru, Italian: https://mokum.place/filter/best_of/it, Turkish: https://mokum.place/filter/best_of/tr, Farsi: https://mokum.place/filter/best_of/fa. "Best of" pages are updated hourly. This is beta, hacked together in a few hours, we probably will have to work on this a bit more. WDYT? Dear Italian, Turkish and Farsi users: how to say "Best of" in your language? Thanks, #mokum-i18n ‎· حوسین
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