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Desperate John Deere tractor owners are downloading illegal Ukrainian firmware hacks to get the crops in http://kadrey.tumblr.com/post/158975071802/desperate-john-deere-tractor-owners-are


"But farmers need to get their crops in, and they expect to be able to go on fixing, tuning and modifying their tractors as they’ve done since tractors were invented, and so they are turning to the Ukrainian black market. Breaking DRM is illegal in the Ukraine, but the law is less vigorously enforced, so Ukrainian manufacturers offer downloadable cracks that allow farmers to seize control of their tractors, violating their license agreements but saving their crops and their money."

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в один прекрасный ночь тракторы самовольно дважды пересекут границу, вернувшись с кучей петров

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"а после, слив бензин и запустив реактор, он быстро допахал гречиху и овёс, поднялся в небо наш простой советский трактор, и улетел обратно в свой родной колхоз"

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seize control of their tractors!!! #deerployment

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^, the means of production!

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