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Carmen doesn't miss a bit [he can hear as he walks away {going on about bangs ‹and how beautiful Xanther's eyes are «‘They're different colors like Kate Bosworth's. Like David Bowie.’ ‘Thanks. It's like called heterochromia. Bowie though may have anisocoria, which means just one of his pupils is bigger and that only makes the color of the iris look different when compared to the other. Your hair is so beautiful. I'd love hair like that. How would you define a game engine?’»›}].
— Mark Z. Danielewski, The Familiar, Volume 1: One Rainy Day in May ‎· банды этических меньшинств
[цитировать невозможно совершенно с (псевдо)электронной книжки {набивать с этой /чёртовой/ вложенной пунктуацией}] ‎· банды этических меньшинств
As the old Narcons put it: “There is not space in the universe to tell the universe to the universe. Therein lies the peculiar beauty and sadness of stories: to tell it all without all at all.” ‎· банды этических меньшинств
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