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She continued. “The Athoeki weren’t very civilized.” Not civilized. Not Radchaai. The word was the same, the only difference a subtlety expressed by context, and too easily wiped away. “They mostly aren’t even now. They make a division between people with penises and people without. When we first arrived in the system they surrendered right away. Their ruler lost her mind. She thought Radchaai didn’t have penises, and since everyone would have to become Radchaai, she ordered all the people in the system with penises to cut them off. But the Athoeki had no intention of cutting anything off, so they made models instead and piled them up in front of the ruler to keep her happy until she could be arrested and given help. So now, on the anniversary, sir, all the children dedicate their penises to their god.”
— Ann Leckie, Ancillary Sword ‎· блюители враных коглоток
[аааа, он охуенный, гораздо лучше Ancillary Justice, хотя первый тоже хорош. омрачает радость только одно: Ancillary Mercy выйдет больше, чем через месяц] ‎· блюители враных коглоток
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