"MINIX's longtime mascot is a raccoon, chosen because it is agile, smart, usually friendly, and eats bugs." ‎· уставали от языков в дырках ‎· 1
"It turns out performance is more important to some people than I had expected." В общем, это в одном предложении объясняет, почему great CS academics редко бывают good programmers ‎· полновесный ушат матерщины ‎· 2
eats bugs? huh... ‎· silpol
After the system was basically working, it tended to crash after an hour of operation for no reason at all and in no discernible pattern. Debugging the operating system on the bare metal was well nigh impossible and I came within a hair of abandoning the project. I then made one final effort. I wrote an 8088 simulator on which to run MINIX, so when it crashed I could get a proper dump and stack trace. To my horror, MINIX would run flawlessly for days, even weeks, at a time on the simulator. It never once crashed. I was totally flummoxed. I mentioned this peculiar situation of MINIX running on the simulator but not on the hardware to my student, Robbert van Renesse, who said he heard somewhere that the 8088 generated interrupt 15 when it got hot. I told him there was nothing in the 8088 documentation about that, but he insisted he heard it somewhere. So I inserted code to catch interrupt 15. Within an hour I saw this message on the screen: "Hi. I am interrupt 15. You will never see this message." I immediately made the required patch to catch interrupt 15. After that MINIX worked flawlessly and was ready for release. ‎· уставали от языков в дырках ‎· 7
А тем временем MINIX теперь сильно популярнее — http://www.cs.vu.nl/~ast/intel/ ‎· toro de lidia ‎· 6
@voldmar: я так понимаю, что до ME v11 там был custom проц + custom ядро, а вот начиная со Skylake-а – x86 + Minix 3. так что конечно не самая популярная ОС, но скоро, скоро ‎· уставали от языков в дырках ‎· 1
@hotgiraffe: интересно, почему именно x86? ‎· toro de lidia
свой потому что )) я так понимаю, 32-хбитное ядро как раз вписалось в бюджет ‎· уставали от языков в дырках
^^^^ тот самый случай, когда performance is less important. а важнее пуленепробиваемость. ‎· 9000
Интересно почему не BSD и не WindRiver ‎· the nonsense rat
линус я все проебал.жпг ‎· Нахвачу коленку