What Stuart Navidson failed to tell both the police and his wife is that he is almost positive whoever broke into his house also rearranged the poetry magnets on his refrigerator from PUPPET OPENS RED DOOR UPON WOLF SKY to WOLF PUPPET OPENS SKY DOOR UPON RED.
Pierre, the man in the black mackintosh sitting directly behind Chantrelle, row three, seat six, caught immortality from a mosquito in the Szeged train station one humid summer evening in 1942. There is one insect in the world that carries the virus and, unlike others of its species, it is iridescent, immortal itself, and blinks into existence on Mondays and Wednesdays. The rest of the week it resides in a parallel universe where it dies every sixteen hours. Pierre was on a mission for the French Resistance to eliminate a high-ranking German officer passing through Hungary when the mosquito bit him. Pierre can no longer recall his own last name because it has been so long since he used it. ‎· побродит долго в мировых полях
After making love, side by side in bed, Lara will ask Christopher or Brian or David to tell her the same story he always tells her, the one she read someplace but forgot where, as if it really happened to him: the one about that azure autumn morning he was on the forty-second floor of the North Tower when he looked up from his desk and saw a Boeing 767 getting bigger and bigger through the window. Without thinking, Christopher or Brian or David began to run. Down on the street, he peered up the very instant Nick and Jim, two of his colleagues who had always hated each other, always done nothing but snipe and bicker, leaped from a gaping burning rectangle on the sixty-fifth floor. They were holding hands. This future memory always makes Lara feel simultaneously patriotic and romantic, causing a diminutive smile to form upon her perfect lips at just the right time. ‎· побродит долго в мировых полях
The last time Rex had sex was on April 30, 1975, the day Saigon fell. He doesn’t really remember it, except that the girl was a holy roller from Lockjaw, Idaho, who obtained most of her notions about truth from country-western ballads, to which she introduced Rex. That’s when he learned there are more interesting things than having sex. Since then, he has composed 4,312 lyrics, all concerning animals, mostly falcons and fish, although frogs have also put in sporadic appearances, and how nature is not nice, except sometimes, when it is. Try as he might, Rex can’t think of anything else to write about, even though he lives in a split level in the suburbs and secretly feels he has seen enough nature out his kitchen window to last him centuries. ‎· побродит долго в мировых полях