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One metaphor I like to use is the difference between the Soviet and American design styles in aerospace. The Soviet way was to build systems with loose tolerances that worked okay even when parts were a little out of spec. The American way is to build systems with precise tolerances that work perfectly when everything is right, and fail catastrophically when it isn't. // There's much to be said for the Soviet style, and indeed it might be summed up well in Postel's law. But as the problems you're trying to solve get harder (like keeping all the world's browsers updated), it doesn't scale very well. If we compare the problems we can solve with manual upgrades and Postel's law, to the problems we can solve with automatic upgrades and rigorous protocol validation, there's no contest.
также небольшая фонологическая дискуссия: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10435964 ‎· full of melancholy details
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