Chris' response to Dick's video, though she does not articulate it at the time, is complex. As an artist she finds Dick's work hopelessly naive, yet she is a lover of certain kinds of bad art, art which offers a transparency into the hopes and desires of the person who made it. Bad art makes the viewer much more active. (Years later Chris would realize that her fondness for bad art is exactly like Jane Eyre's attraction to Rochester, a mean horse-faced junky: bad characters invite invention.) But Chris keeps these thoughts to herself.
— Chris Kraus, I Love Dick ‎· этика химического развода
On the morning of the 22nd she reached Sylvère in Paris. Peaceful and contented, she pictured them returning to Sevierville together for a vacation but Sylvère didn't understand. "We never have any _fun_ together," she sighed into the phone. Sylvère replied gruffly: "Oh. Fun. Is that what it's supposed to be about?" ‎· этика химического развода
It wasn't till summer when David Rattray called him to report that Chris was in a Minneapolis hospital that Sylvère realized Chris' sickness could have anything to do with him: that by accepting her he could save her life. The rest was history, or, Chris had gotten one thing right: beneath his reputation at the Mudd Club as the philosopher of kinky sex, Sylvère was a closet humanist. Guilt and duty more than S&M propelled his life. ‎· этика химического развода
She read Harlequin Romances, wrote her diary and scribbled margin notes about her love for Dick in Sylvère's treasured copy of Heidegger's _La question de la technique_. The book was evidence of the intellectual roots of German fascism. She called it _La technique de Dick_. ‎· этика химического развода
Do you remember the wretched movie Oliver Stone made about Jim Morrison's life? According to Oliver, Jim was a wholesome California Boy—cute blonde girlfriend, magic mushrooms, milk & freckles—'til he met the Crazed Kike Witches of New York. The Witches dragged him down with their exotic drugs, their wild parties, their mindfuck demonology. They understood the poery, though. The Witches are why Jim died of an overdose in the bathtub of a Paris hotel. // Realize, D, that I am one of those Crazed Kike Witches and I understand your fear. ‎· этика химического развода
On the phone this morning to Sylvère who's in East Hampton I was talking about reading. How I like to dip into other people's books to catch the rhythm of their thinking, as I try to write my own. Writing around the edges of Philip K. Dick, Ann Rower, Marcel Proust, Eileen Myles and Alice Notley. It's better than sex. Reading delivers on the promise that sex raises but hardly ever can fulfill—getting larger 'cause you're entering another person's language, cadence, heart and mind. ‎· этика химического развода
Schizophrenia is metaphysics-brut. The schizophrenic leaves the body, transcends himself, herself, outside any system of belief. Freedom equals panic because without belief there is no language. When you've lost yourself to empathy, a total shutdown is the only way back in. ‎· этика химического развода