True, neither of us had really paid attention to the measure that was passed right after the Election. They even made posters of it: 'PREVENT WHAT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED!', 'KNOW BEFORE KNOWING!' To be alert to the immediate future of these phrases, to dig into the content of the books, posters and films posted on the Internet and dissect them in order to grasp their supposedly hidden meanings and then arrest in a way they call preventive the people who might one day 'conspire against the security of the State'. The Pelican is the first person we met who's been declared a probable guilty party in a future imagined for him.
— Lola Lafon, We Are the Birds of the Coming Storm ‎· я допускаю разные вещи
Yesterday in the cafe, she talks non-stop. And then the waiter comes over, he gives us our change and she asks me if I ever had an impression that when you make change, all those people who give change back to us or we give change to are sensory stops, safeguards to put off suicides. ‎· я допускаю разные вещи
Women who are merely raped do not arouse empathy. Since I've been living on the Island, I've seen more films than during the whole first part of my life. The best rape victims die, bleed, their head swings from right to left under the punches of the man with clenched jaws, they struggle with heartrending screams for a few moments, then succumb like saints and regain their purity in extremis by gracefully leaving life. If there's no death, they have to be able to prove they've been tortured. Let them be disfigured. Burnt. But one simple penetration more or less in a sex made to be opened. What's that. ‎· я допускаю разные вещи
Dancing is not an occupation one gives up easily. Dance sticks to your body, you struggle to learn to hold yourself like normal people who don't dance and sag slightly, to go back to being a body again that can't do anything with itself. The rectilinear back must relearn to adopt the banal, soft curve of the backs of the chairs, the feet that used to follow the exaggerated opening of the hips go back in parallel the way one falls back into line, one morning you stop tying up your hair in a bun pulled as tight as possible and, like a jewel you don't wear any more, your neck ends up abandoning that beautiful arrogance, that neck you used to feel alive all the way up to your hair, a sum of intelligent little bones. ‎· я допускаю разные вещи
[не могу больше цитировать, но "Птицы" охуенные, гораздо лучше "Коммунисточки". такой анти-"Soumission" в некотором роде] ‎· я допускаю разные вещи
This is not the story of a falling bird. ‎· я допускаю разные вещи