Think of ZeroTier as a planetary-scale smart Ethernet switch with VLAN capability.
всё ради фразы "If you don't want to stick around on Earth, just leave", я уверен ‎· SEND MEMES
"Every device running ZeroTier has a unique 10-digit address such as 89e92ceee5". Пять байт. Planetary-scale. Ага, ага. А потом будет ZeroGradeNat. ‎· Buttbuttin
ну там процесс распределения адресов не такой уродский, как нынешний IPv4, и они в FAQе рассказывают про то, почему 40 бит, и намекают на расширяемость ‎· запощённый кусок обнажённой
"One of the odd beliefs we have here at ZeroTier is that VPN, SDN, and peer to peer networking are all the same problem framed in different ways. We’re evolving into an enterprise networking company because doing the crypto-hippie Internet decentralization thing well turns out to be the same as doing SDN well." ‎· запощённый кусок обнажённой
ZeroTier for (private) connectivity + IPFS for storage -> resilient distributed network. No SLA on throughput and latency, though. But my phone, my laptop, and my other computers should see each other and the same shared storage all the time, everywhere, without Google / MS / Amazon / Dropbox being involved. ‎· 9000